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Back to the 70’s

In recent years we’ve worn the best of the 20s and 30s, seen the rebirth and fading of an 80s come back, and we’re just about to do it all again. But this time, its the 1970s that are due for a reinterpretation.  While 70′s fashion is making waves and sure to continue on as a fashion trend in 2011, let’s not forget that there are several variants. And you know what that means; all the more ways to get lots of wear out of your key seventies pieces, by taking them from 70′s boho to a more sophisticated 70′s look.

By day it’s all about clean yet voluminous silhouettes, and earthy 70′s colour palettes.

One of the things that is coming back from the 70′s is the High waisted wide-leg pants. The pants i am wearing today is the boyfriend shorts in brown from Deetalez. By this pants you can choose to use a belt or the version i am wearing today with a highwaist Bow. Roll neck sweaters tucked into pants or skirts are also something that comes back from the 70′s. I didnt choose for a sweater but for the Miraji Body Black designed by CheerNo. One of the effects from the 70′s is working with layers and over my body top i am wearing the Chocolat Short Trench jacket from Maitreya.

The hair i am wearing is the Christina – caramel from Truth. I also like to mention that the 100% of the payment of this hairs (and all hair from truth untill september 19th) goes to the UNICEF Pakistan Flood Crisis Fund.  Today’s skin is the LAQ ~ Elena skin (fair) wich gave me this natural look.

My brown shoes are the Dncorde Danse boots from LeeZu. I have blogged them before but they are just the perfect combi for me with this outfit.

To finish my outfit i am using the brown/gold nails from Mandala and this cute Big Clutch brown bag is from So many Styles

Think you again have some great things to shop about. All designes come in more colors so you can mix and match until you drop 😉

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda Scofield



At the moment one of my favorite shops is having a huge and awesome sale. Yes i am talking about Maitreya. This week everything (not the poses) are for sale with a 50% discount.
We all know Maitreya has it all, so when you have finished shopping you are ready to rock all over the grid, because you find clothes, shoes, accessory’s and hair at this amazing sim.
So today i runned to Maitreya and well uhm i think i almost bought the whole shop empty, so i can show you a few styling cards this week but lets start with the one i have for you today.

Today i am wearing the Maitreya Short Trench Jacket in Orchid. The jacket has a beautiful sculpted collar, comes in many colors and you can match it with so many things. I choose for a skirt with the name Maitreya – Viento Skirt. I am wearing the Black Satin version but also the skirt comes in many colors/styles and even in color combinations. The belt is resizeble and it come with a colorchange option. You can style with this skirt in many ways like being casual for a girls night out or be more elegant and classy.  And well it woudnt be me if i didnt make it in both ways.

To complete the total look i used the Maitreya Zoe – Caramel hair wich gives me a casual but elkegant look. The necklace and earrings (not being seen at the pic) are from the new Je Suis Tente jewelry set in pink (also availble in aqua, deep water, fire, forest, sky and sunset).

Ofcourse we girls can not leave our homes without a bag. My bag of today is the  YS&YS Espalmador Bag in Pink made of  luxurious pink leather. You must check the details because they are awesome and so cute. The bag comes in more colors then only pink.

The shoes of today are the  Maitreya SoHo Boots ‘Boho-Rock and i just love the combination between leather and wool. These boots are at the shop in more colors, so you can wear them with any colorfull outfit.

Last but not least are my nails. Since prim nails exist i am really addicted to them. I have used the Mandala Takara in Pink, the rings are coming with the nails.

For now you have some ideas to create a lovely style, so dont miss the sale at Maitreya or you will be very sorry for it because OMG 50% discount!

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda Scofield

Styling Card Part II

And here is Lytham again! \o/

Today I have been shopping like CRAZY! I didn’t even know wich outfit I was going to Blog about today, because I had way to much choise!

After trying a bazillion skirts, jeans, trousers, blouses, tops and shoes… This is what I came up with for today!

As you can see, im not much of a ” Skin-changer “. I am like one of those whiners, who think that your skin and shape just totally show who you are. So as soon as I find myself a skin wich I feel comfy with, I keep that one till I almost drop dead, or well.. may be.. perhaps.. sometimes a designer suprises me with a MARVELOUS skin.. wich makes me wanna wear it. So far no skin has done that to me exept for the Taylor Skin from League. Obviously a skin I can truly recommend! Same counts for my lippiercing. It’s the same as in my first blog. It’s just part of  ” who I am “.

What am I wearing!

* The blouse is actually what you call a Big shirt. But I decided to not wear the lower prim-part of this awesome blouse. I think it matches better like this with the skirt. But truly.. also with lower prim, it’s a true must have! Black with stripes and in my opinion, very sexy but with style! I found this Big shirt at NINIKO.

Name of the shirt: Big Shirts – Stripe Black

* This skirt also comes from NINIKO. It’s available in 3 colors. Brown, and used Blue Jeans. I truly adore this skirt. And I recommend going shopping there. They also have like an awesome men’s department! Totally worth taking a look.

Name of the skirt: Fulsculp Wrapskirt – Sweat

* The hair comes from my favorite hairshop Maitreya. Not only do I buy my hair there, but also my shoes and clothes. Truly DO NOT forget about going to see that store and keep that LM save!

Name of the hair: Nimue – Blacks Pack

* The tatoo I found at the summer of Love fair. I wear that tat almost everytime when im beeing like half-naked. It’s becomming a part of ME! It’s from The Plastik! A store you should really check out!

Name of the Tatoo:  Vintage – Light

As you can see above, the skirt has some nice little details wich makes the skirt even more awesome. Also there again are the nails with the rings from Mandala. I’ve got them in lot’s of colors to match with every outfit, because I truly can’t live without my nails anymore!

* Last! These boots from BAX make me wanna walk sexy, dress sexy, act sexy, feel elegant, shake my bootie around everywhere I go. They most definatly make me wanna show myself off! They come in multiple colors and each pair of boots are containing a menu with one hell of a menu. You can choose between 4 colors for the boots and everything else, like sole, heel… etc etc is color change-able as well! Go grab those boots, run as fast as you can to the closest sim with the most people to show yourself off!

Name of the Boots: Prestige Boots Black Suede

Now… 1, 2, 3…. RUNNN!!!

And ofcourse never forget that the most beautiful things in the world, cannot be SEEN, nor touched, but are felt in the heart..

Much Love from yours truly,

Bo Lytham