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White Widow inspired by Fellini Couture

Julie Hastings designer of White Widow is one of the designers who has released some new designs. Julie released her new facial tattoos line last week. The new line of these beautiful and creative tattoos are made with inspiration from some beautiful gowns of Fellini Couture.

“Peacock” for the Hera gown,
“Dentelle” for the Evanescence gown,
“Leaves” for the Divine gown,
“Rose” for the GoldWire gown,
“Phoenix” match the Pure Gold gown,
“Moon” the Exquise gown

Ofcourse the tattoos from White Widow can be worn with any other outfit.

The tattoos are again so creative and artistic, you will be amazed. All Tattoos come in packs with several color options. With some of them you can choose if you want to use them for your full face or choose for right or leftside only.

The first picture is made by Julie Hastings herself and i am very proud to be in her add for this lovely and beautiful tattoo, always such a big honor to work with her.

The one you see under here is the Peacock in Silver.

Dentelle in Cooper

Leaves in Pink

Phoenix in Gold

And last but not least is Moon in Blue

Time to visit  White Widow and get those awesome artistic new tattoos

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda Scofield


.White Widow

Yes! Julie Hastings surprised us again!

What’s new? Her NEW breathtaking Face Tattoos! Her impeccable sense of style made her to create this wonderful little pieces of art to wear on face!

I had the pleasure to be invited to pose for one of her vendors, and she presented me with some Face Tattoos, and let me tell you: It was love at first sight!

Here is the fantastic work of Julie

Her work is remarkable and it’s completely impossible not to love!

This one I am suing is Butterfly one in gold, but there are more, Berry, Dragonfly, Fairy, Maple, Vine, Wings, Ivy, Lotus, Grass, Maguerite… for all tastes and several colors!

With this outstanding job  we only can wish the best of luck for the store [I am so sure it will be LOT of success]!

Limo for the store here: White Widow

And see the rest of the tattoos at Julie Hastings Flickr Stream 🙂 


.Dic wears

.White Widow . Butterfly [Gold];

.Hair from Analog Dog [most of it painted by our talented Julie Hastings ♥]

.Hair Flowers . part of a Gown from Fellini Couture

.Earings from Alienbear

ModelX Rainbow show 2010

Presents Rainbow Show 2010

July 31th, 1pm slt


B! Fashion
Fellini Couture
Purplemoon Creations
Sascha’s design


Events Staff:
Host: KarenMichelle Lane
Stage Designer: Philip Dollinger
Photographer: Tillie Ariantho
Showdirector: Linnda Scofield

Dancer Dallagio
Elyna Carver
Fauve Beaumont
Linnda Scofield
Mavi Beck
Memory Thorne
Mimmi Boa
Natasja Schumann
Rhonda Pennell
Veronica Crasner

Seth Diabolito
Daniele Eberhard
Liam Netizen
Philip Dollinger

Blog Preview:

Picture, model and stylist; Linnda Scofield