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Je Suis goes Africain

The time has come to amaze you with some new jewelry from Je Suis. This time we go Africain.

Last night Julia Merosi released her new African jewelry set.

The full set is having a Bellychain (and omg i so love that one), 2 kind of Bracelets dark and light with a zebra print, Earhoops, and a long and short necklace.
The necklace you can wear seperate or wear the 2 sizes at the same time to have a extra long necklace. The necklaces can be worn at the chest or spine so you can combi it with any outfit and jacket.

The set is comming incl a menu so you can change size but also change the color of the beads (hotpink, green, purple, orange, red, black, brown, blue, white, natural, red, Turquase), the strings and the metals (gold, silver and rust). Also the earhoops come with a color change menu.

All Scripts in the jewelry can be removed for less lag (always besure to make a copy).
You can copy the jewels in your inventory and each copy will keep its colors and other settings when you wear them again. So you can store a copy of matching jewels in the folder for an outfit after you set up the colors

I matched this jewelry set with the Amalfi bikini from Baiastice. My skin comes from Bodyline and is named sara. and the hair i am wearing is the Makeda Full Wig from Vanity Hair.

Go and check out the new jewelry at Je Suis

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda Scofield



Melanie has been showing an amazing skin by Bodyline wich you can find at the hunt in the store but today i am presenting you some new skins at Bodyline designed by Nedeko Kohime. Not just a skin but they are really amazing Ethnicitiy – african.

The skin line is named Sara and it not just a skin. The inspiration is taken by Sara Nuru, a german model with ethopian roots.
This skin is full of elegance, divinity, stylish and most of all also very colorfull.

Nedeko gave this line a real final touch with different high detailed makeups wich makes the skin special and stylish. You can choose to wear the skin with or without teeth option isnt that great. I have matched the Skin with hair from Boon
Time to bring a visit to Bodyline dont you think and dont forget the hunt 😀
Stylist, Model and Photographer Linnda Scofield

Bright Orange

As ModelX has many Dutch models in their team, I thought it would be fun to cheer our Dutch Football team a bit 🙂 And ofcourse I would like to share this with every other nationality!

Yesterday I was walking around in SL to find something nice to support the Dutch football team for the FIFA World Cup. I’m not really a fan of football, but for some reason I love to watch the World and/or European Cup’s.. Maybe for the hot men we see on TV? 😉

I really couldn’t find a good skin which represents my country, so I almost gave up. But then I walked into the little shop of Nedeko Kohime of Bodyline and I was amazed what I discovered. I found a free skin in a little bird tree which stands in the shop! And guess what, exactly that kind of skin I was looking for!!! The skin comes with or without teeth showing, that’s absolutly wonderful don’t you think? I chose to combine this skin with a face tattoo of Tattoonaga, by Ziamela Loon.
The new hair of Vita’s Boudoir are absolutly outstanding. I chose to wear this hair called “Bomb”, because it suits very well with the skin and make-up. You really should check out Vita’s Boudoir for more hair, they are absolutly amazing!
The necklace I’m wearing is something that Caithlin Carter, of CCD, made for me during the MVW 2010 competiton. I wore this same jewelry set during the finals. And I still love this set a lot and brings back a lot of precious memories.

I played a bit with the Environment Editor In-World, and this is the result of the picture I took;


May the best team win the World Cup 🙂