ModelX Second Anniversary Show

ModelX presents there second anniversary  Show 2010

Since june 2008 ModelX stands for highly trained experienced models, creative unique runway shows, designer parties, in-store promotional events and photoshoots for print media and advertising.

August 27th, 1pm slt


Aleida rhode
Angel Dessous
Champagne sparkling
Fellini Couture
Mimi’s Choice with Gabriele and Jador
PurpleMoon Creations
Sascha’s design


Events Staff:
Host: KarenMichelle Lane
Stage Designer: Philip Dollinger
Photographer: Tillie Ariantho
Showdirector:  Natasja Schumann and Haakon Schumann

13 cortes
BurningBright Nightfire
Daniele Eberhard
Di Hoorenbeek
July Raymaker
Kay Fairey
Linnda Scofield
Marijana Aries
Michael Greybeard
Natasja Schumann
Rod insippo
Wicca Merlin

Blog Preview:


Stiletto Moody ~Bare Olivia


Time for new Moody’s again and this time with the name Olivia. Yes Stiletto Moody made again a beautiful and stylish shoe made from soft bright leather. The open heel is surrounded with soft ankle straps and above the open heel you find a cute little ribbon.  Olivia comes in 17 colors, when you cant decide wich colors then dont think twice and just buy the whole fatpack. Like we are used from Stiletto Moody also these shoes got there skin menu where you can change it easy to the right skintone. Each feet got a toe ring in several metals and dont forget the 8 colors of the nailpolishes.

The lingerie set on the top of the blog  is a new set wich will be released soon by Sensuelle, designed by Mirko Panacek. You really need to check out that shop. They have some beautiful and cute lingerie sets incl also some styles like Marlies Dekkers. You will be amazed by there prices.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda Scofield

StylingCard Part III

Here we go! Lytham wants to show off her new outfit!

I decided it was “Bo” time. I had to relax a bit and just do some shopping. I opened my Landmarks folder and went to every store I could find in my invent. Beeing all happy and relaxed, every now and then an IM..

I re-discoverd Cynthia Smith her store! I haven’t been there in ages. She made lot’s of awesome new tops, wich obviously made me spend way to much time in that store. Simply because I couldn’t choose wich top I was going to choose. Mommy Lytham was on a budget today. So no fatpacks this time.

After buying the top I decided to take a look at Calypso Giano. She makes the most terrific jeans. Lowrise, Ultra Lowrise.. Normal… With drawings and without drawings. There are so many styles to choose from. Ofcourse again frustrating for me today since I could pick only 1 thing! I went for this cute skirt! The texture is so beautiful and looks so real.

So.. I was almost ready with my outfit… SHOES! Yeah! Women and shoes! \o/ I went to Gos this time and was amazed by the beautiful detailed shoes they sell there. And the most awesome thing is.. You buy the shoes and whenever you want, you can buy POLISH for you shoes, wich comes with a totally simple menu that loads the new polish into your shoes menu.
I bought black shoes to begin with.. And now i’ve got 2 other styles for 1/3th of the original price (each) of the shoes.

While wearing my new outfit I knew it wasn’t ready.. I needed a legging! Not a plain legging but something more exciting. Where ever to buy such a thing as at Linc!

A few days earlier I bought the pearl neckless at Sissi. The neckless and I seem not to be able to seperate from eachother. I am totally in love with it and its wearable with so many clothing styles, since its all colorable in every color you want, by just going into the edit mode.

What else was missing? I needed a new piercing! Also something more exciting than only the lippiercing. But not to heavy. I went to Starpiercing and bought several piercings there. The store is huge and has got as well as piercings for male as female. I am in love with that store and if you love to wear piercings, you really should take a look over there! Also a big plus, the prices of the piercings are good! Absolutely not expensive and affordable for everybody.

The hair is from Maitreya. Ya’ll must know by now that i’m addicted to that store. The best textures and the best hairdues ever! I already had that one in my invent. It was the first hairdue I bought when I came back to SL. It’s called Bo… *ding ding*

Hair: Maitreya – Bo Pitch

Piercing: Starpiercing – Tea

Legging: Linc – Low Cut Mesh Legging Black Sheer

Necklace: SiSSi – Loose Pearls ~long~

Top: C.Smit – FreeLove Top – plum/pink

Skirt: CALYPSO GIANO – Denim Skirt – CLASSIC – F1

Shoes: Gos – Docs – 8 Hole – F – BLACK


Have fun you shopping addicts!

And again…

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.. Just keep remembering that.

Yours truly,
Bo Lytham

.White Widow

Yes! Julie Hastings surprised us again!

What’s new? Her NEW breathtaking Face Tattoos! Her impeccable sense of style made her to create this wonderful little pieces of art to wear on face!

I had the pleasure to be invited to pose for one of her vendors, and she presented me with some Face Tattoos, and let me tell you: It was love at first sight!

Here is the fantastic work of Julie

Her work is remarkable and it’s completely impossible not to love!

This one I am suing is Butterfly one in gold, but there are more, Berry, Dragonfly, Fairy, Maple, Vine, Wings, Ivy, Lotus, Grass, Maguerite… for all tastes and several colors!

With this outstanding job  we only can wish the best of luck for the store [I am so sure it will be LOT of success]!

Limo for the store here: White Widow

And see the rest of the tattoos at Julie Hastings Flickr Stream 🙂 


.Dic wears

.White Widow . Butterfly [Gold];

.Hair from Analog Dog [most of it painted by our talented Julie Hastings ♥]

.Hair Flowers . part of a Gown from Fellini Couture

.Earings from Alienbear

LeeZu ~ Dncorde Danse Booties

When you are shop addcited like me, there are some things i cant resist while i am shopping and that are shoes. And as a shoe addcited i couldnt resist these new shoes from LeeZu.
These new cute elegant booties are named Dncorde Danse Booties and they come in 10 amazing colors (Ambience, black, brown, cirque, cream, graybrown,market, picnic, red, and sky).
Check out these amazing details (see how the upper cuffs fall down the ankles) and the textures on the shoes.

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda Scofield


At the moment one of my favorite shops is having a huge and awesome sale. Yes i am talking about Maitreya. This week everything (not the poses) are for sale with a 50% discount.
We all know Maitreya has it all, so when you have finished shopping you are ready to rock all over the grid, because you find clothes, shoes, accessory’s and hair at this amazing sim.
So today i runned to Maitreya and well uhm i think i almost bought the whole shop empty, so i can show you a few styling cards this week but lets start with the one i have for you today.

Today i am wearing the Maitreya Short Trench Jacket in Orchid. The jacket has a beautiful sculpted collar, comes in many colors and you can match it with so many things. I choose for a skirt with the name Maitreya – Viento Skirt. I am wearing the Black Satin version but also the skirt comes in many colors/styles and even in color combinations. The belt is resizeble and it come with a colorchange option. You can style with this skirt in many ways like being casual for a girls night out or be more elegant and classy.  And well it woudnt be me if i didnt make it in both ways.

To complete the total look i used the Maitreya Zoe – Caramel hair wich gives me a casual but elkegant look. The necklace and earrings (not being seen at the pic) are from the new Je Suis Tente jewelry set in pink (also availble in aqua, deep water, fire, forest, sky and sunset).

Ofcourse we girls can not leave our homes without a bag. My bag of today is the  YS&YS Espalmador Bag in Pink made of  luxurious pink leather. You must check the details because they are awesome and so cute. The bag comes in more colors then only pink.

The shoes of today are the  Maitreya SoHo Boots ‘Boho-Rock and i just love the combination between leather and wool. These boots are at the shop in more colors, so you can wear them with any colorfull outfit.

Last but not least are my nails. Since prim nails exist i am really addicted to them. I have used the Mandala Takara in Pink, the rings are coming with the nails.

For now you have some ideas to create a lovely style, so dont miss the sale at Maitreya or you will be very sorry for it because OMG 50% discount!

Credits: Photos, styling and review by Linnda Scofield

Styling Card Part II

And here is Lytham again! \o/

Today I have been shopping like CRAZY! I didn’t even know wich outfit I was going to Blog about today, because I had way to much choise!

After trying a bazillion skirts, jeans, trousers, blouses, tops and shoes… This is what I came up with for today!

As you can see, im not much of a ” Skin-changer “. I am like one of those whiners, who think that your skin and shape just totally show who you are. So as soon as I find myself a skin wich I feel comfy with, I keep that one till I almost drop dead, or well.. may be.. perhaps.. sometimes a designer suprises me with a MARVELOUS skin.. wich makes me wanna wear it. So far no skin has done that to me exept for the Taylor Skin from League. Obviously a skin I can truly recommend! Same counts for my lippiercing. It’s the same as in my first blog. It’s just part of  ” who I am “.

What am I wearing!

* The blouse is actually what you call a Big shirt. But I decided to not wear the lower prim-part of this awesome blouse. I think it matches better like this with the skirt. But truly.. also with lower prim, it’s a true must have! Black with stripes and in my opinion, very sexy but with style! I found this Big shirt at NINIKO.

Name of the shirt: Big Shirts – Stripe Black

* This skirt also comes from NINIKO. It’s available in 3 colors. Brown, and used Blue Jeans. I truly adore this skirt. And I recommend going shopping there. They also have like an awesome men’s department! Totally worth taking a look.

Name of the skirt: Fulsculp Wrapskirt – Sweat

* The hair comes from my favorite hairshop Maitreya. Not only do I buy my hair there, but also my shoes and clothes. Truly DO NOT forget about going to see that store and keep that LM save!

Name of the hair: Nimue – Blacks Pack

* The tatoo I found at the summer of Love fair. I wear that tat almost everytime when im beeing like half-naked. It’s becomming a part of ME! It’s from The Plastik! A store you should really check out!

Name of the Tatoo:  Vintage – Light

As you can see above, the skirt has some nice little details wich makes the skirt even more awesome. Also there again are the nails with the rings from Mandala. I’ve got them in lot’s of colors to match with every outfit, because I truly can’t live without my nails anymore!

* Last! These boots from BAX make me wanna walk sexy, dress sexy, act sexy, feel elegant, shake my bootie around everywhere I go. They most definatly make me wanna show myself off! They come in multiple colors and each pair of boots are containing a menu with one hell of a menu. You can choose between 4 colors for the boots and everything else, like sole, heel… etc etc is color change-able as well! Go grab those boots, run as fast as you can to the closest sim with the most people to show yourself off!

Name of the Boots: Prestige Boots Black Suede

Now… 1, 2, 3…. RUNNN!!!

And ofcourse never forget that the most beautiful things in the world, cannot be SEEN, nor touched, but are felt in the heart..

Much Love from yours truly,

Bo Lytham