ModelX Service

At ModelX we offer some services.
We don’t only want to offer quality to our designers but also to our models and any person who could use some a personal makeover.

What can ModelX meen to Designers at Secondlife?
Our Models are trained and have experience in Runwayshows, Fashion Events, Photo-advertisment and (live) store modeling.

Designers at ModelX can get all what they like from a show until photo-advertisment or what ever you need us for.
When you are a designer that create skins, hair, shoes, jewelry, poses, or other non-apparel fashion items and like to be in one of our fashionshows your items can be showcased in the show or in a vendor next to the catwalk.

To book a model, show, event etc feel free to contact Linnda Scofield for more info.
Come to us with your idea and a budget in mind, and we will develop a plan that will get you the best value for your money.

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